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Your green logo

Are you looking to create specific fully-customised compositions? Moss gives you total creative freedom

With Benetti Moss Logo, you can create your own green logos, writings and designs.  Logos are made using 2cm-thick PVC panels that are cut to shape, milled and vegetalised. They come with 1:1 installation diagram and mount brackets. The mount system is designed so that the logo hangs slightly off the wall, achieving a stylish “suspended” effect. 


Benetti Moss

In lichene stabilizzato naturale al 100%, Benetti Moss è un vero passepartout per ogni ambiente interno: dura a lungo negli anni, non ha bisogno di alcuna manutenzione, può essere applicato sia a parete, sia a soffitto e può essere declinato nei modi più particolari, anche per dare vita a soluzioni di design o per ricreare i loghi aziendali. Made of 100%-natural stabilised lichen, Benetti Moss is ideal for any indoor space. Long-lasting over the years, it requires no maintenance, can be installed on walls or ceilings and can be used in the most unconventional applications, including to give life to contemporary design installations or reproduce company logos