Ventaglio Console – Tonin Casa

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Ventaglio is an extendible console table, that can become a quite large dining table. The lacquered metal base is perfect for the wood covered tops. Matt white, matt black, or stone bronze bases perfectly match the Canaletto walnut, dark embossed oak and the matt white tops.



Tonin Casa

The company was founded more than 30 years ago by Gianni Tonin, thanks to his passion, elegance and research in the furniture business. In the beginning, the company’s main activity was the production of shoe cabinets and classical furniture; but thanks to its success and the trust from our customers, in the Nineties, the company started its production of modern furniture. All along, Tonin Casa has been in a continuous development and growing, engage into worldwide sales and exporting the values of "Made in Italy", with products which reassume beauty and functionality. Tonin Casa’s products are manufactured selecting trendy, refined and elegant raw materials, aiming to high safety standards and high reliability. Every new collections are created into a dimension of coherence between language and shape. In fact, the essential goal for the company is to create furniture that join beauty and functionality, tradition and innovation. The harmony in the composition is for Tonin Casa a distinguishing element, capable to last in time, without forgetting that technique and materials are nothing, without the love for one’s own creations. As if each single piece has its own soul: the soul of those who chose it for the home.