A story built on ideas and innovation

Gruppo Inventa was established in Pozzallo (RG), in the South East Region of  Sicily, in 1987 by Emanuele Iemmolo. Brought up in the family business and coming from two generations of furnishing industry, Emanuele has turned his passion into one of the most important economic – entrepreneurial realities in South East Sicily.

In 1995, Emanuele ambitiously started up a custom-made furniture business. He set up his own wood work factory, where professional artisans and carpenters create unique furniture pieces. The company has grown into a successful enterprise, creating a new niche in the furniture business in Sicily.

The provinces of Ragusa and Siracusa represent just the starting points of a business that in 2004, brought Gruppo Inventa to an innovative joint venture, across the Mediteranean Sea to Malta, creating commercial and business relationships between the two islands.

Emanuele Iemmolo, finally sees his dream come true, when in December 2012, he inaugurated Inventa Design, the Gruppo Inventa showroom. Spread over an area of ​​8,000 square meters, it has become a show piece for all those who are looking for high quality furniture ‘Made in Italy’, always keeping in line with the latest trends.

Today Gruppo Inventa is a consolidated brand, not only in the Sicilian regions, but also throughout Italy and Malta.

Year after year, Gruppo Inventa has achieved important results by becoming a leading company in the design and supply of interior decor. The experience accumulated over the years, the extraordinary intuition of Emanuele Iemmolo, together with the professionalism of our technical and commercial staff all play key factors of a business plan, that has allowed Gruppo Inventa to meet the needs of most of the Sicilian and  Maltese territories. We are now aiming at expanding our business also in North Africa. Keeping a balance between tradition and innovation, Gruppo Inventa has embarked on a path of development that is endless.


Our core business is not only to sell furniture, but also to offer a range of services that support our customers from the desi­gning stage, through the use of our interior designers, to installation and after-sales support. Our major departments include home, outdoor, contract and office, however there are other sectors that are currently in high demand such as wellness, Casa Inventa, the wedding list and our Shop In Shop sections that cater for ceramics; such as walls and floors; doors, fixtures, parquet, wallpaper, fabrics, curtains, carpets, plumbing, lighting, fireplaces, stoves ……. the list is endless.

Our mission is to welcome our clients and give them peace of mind, assuring them that we will realize all their ideas for the decoration and renovation of their home or business, with the possibility of con­sulting with our financing officers. The customer will be followed step by step in all phases of design, im­plementation and after-sales service, thanks to our expert interior designers, architects and craftsmen from our wood work factory.

Social and environmental responsibility

Gruppo Inventa has always been aware of corpo­rate social responsibility and environmental pro­tection. The business goal growth is developed with the aim of having a positive impact on people and on the surrounding territory. The company tries to leave an imprint of sustainability, in line with the lifestyle of the regional community and of the morphological characteristics of the territory. With this in mind our company initiated and funded a series of projects to promote and support local sporting groups, cultural and social events, and moreover encourages exclusive collaboration with other com­panies that are also aware of these issues.

Gruppo Inventa believes in a sustainable future !