The classical style is characterised by elegance, charm, and the harmony found between the measurement and composition of the furniture. At the same time, this style also relfects values of practicality, functionality, tradition and history, which provide customers with an emotional experience, via designing one’s home to be “cosy” and refined.

Antique furniture is not subject to the latest trends in fashion,but is  instead valued for the quality of wood used (walnut and cherry), as well as the relative characteristics in their design, which creates an emotional effect. Discover all brands and the collections.

A classic design is undoubtedly a symbol of elegance, value, prime materials and luxury. It is characterized by its simplicity, the sober elegance, the attention to detail that is used to fill a house with products from the past, and which are never considered to be out of fashion. Furnishing a house with this particular style means giving the house a certain distinct identity. If art represents the tool by which the memory of the past is passed on to us, in all it’s beauty, Gruppo Inventa, with it’s philosophy, clearly holds at heart the value of such furniture, being inspired by the most important moments in European and Italian history. It keeps in mind the importance of furniture.

Most of the time when choosing a particular interior design style, one must understand which colours, fittings and furniture best transmit pleasant emotions. With plenty of years devoted in the design, furnishing and decoration of spaces, toghether with its high level of talent and historical expertise, Gruppo Inventa manages to improve your home and furnishes it with your persoal,stylistic and functional desires.

Our furniture is composed out of top quality wood and excellent craftsmanship, which enhances the value and prestige of its furniture (we have partnered up with the best funriture brands in the industry).

The most important factor when finialzing a project, is the idea of customization for our customers. This requires expertise, plenty of experience within the industry, as well as professionalism. Gruppo Inveta aims at satisfying customers in terms of design, price, service, quality and courtesy, by having plenty of specilised staff at their disposal who can offer expert advice, as well as combine one’s personal style, with the necssary functionality of an environment/space.