Rationality, simplicity, functionality, scalability, modularity, are the distinctive elements of modern furniture that promote lightness and rigorousness. This style uses minimalist materials and elements , creating a philosophy where style plays on the geometry of squares, rectangles, unjoined circles, clean lines, and the absence of linear decorations. This is done in order to highlight the open and airy space of a modern house which eliminates clutter. The originality found within this style creates an aura of absolute order, through its combination of shapes and colours. Here, colours are found between shades that vary from neutral to strong, creating a colour contrast that highlights a pleasing sensation of movement. Discover all brands and the collections.

In order to furnish your home with a modern style, one must understand what feelings you wish to transmitt to your visitors via yuour style. In order to transmit such feelings, one must place utmost importance when considering the type of decor to be used: the modern style combines various hybrid features having different styles, which may include a niche`. The furniture within this range, is well known for its clean, calm, irregular lines, as well as its ability to appear delicate and sweet at the same time. Here, the division of space aims at creatng a higher level of practicality and ease when it comes to cleaning and using the environment. The modern style may be soft and gentle, giving off a calm and relaxing aura, however, it may also be fun and playful with that etxra touch brought about through its decorations, fabrics and furnishings (used in moderate amounts), as well as through mixing neutral and bright colours together.

Due to technological advancments, new materials,building systems, and new appliances with greater energy and efficiency, the modern style is constantly going through a number of changes, all aimed at the improving the comfort of the home.

Gruppo Inventa aims at furnishing your home with great care, in order to make it practical, elegant, sophisticated, and up to date. Our company achieves this by staying in line with the latest trends in both architecture and interior design. The originality found within the modern style reflects that of timeless elegance, characterized by its absolute order of colours and shapes. Houses furnished in this style may vary in terms of colours, going from neutral shades to a softer gray,sand or brown, moving towards a timeless shade of black or white, as well as to more vivid and vivacious colours. Here colours may come from a single hue having different shades, or can be put into contrast with one another in order to bring about the feeling of movement.The building material within this style is that of wood. Here, the building material is subject to several changes, making it more resistant and aesthetically pleasing. Gruppo Inventa represents a benchmark for the best design solutions due to the fact that it has always placed a high level of quality  in its brands. It is also a point of reference for others, having access to the best products in terms of Italian design and European Level.