Ethnic furnishings originate from a combination and mixture of different ethinicites, styles and cultures across the globe. This type of furnishing is made up of several shapes and colours, derived from exotic countires such as Africa, Asia, Philippenes,Indonesia and Thailand. This style of furniture eliminates geogrpahical boundaries, and includes wood furnishings of both Africa and Asia,together with the combination of various oritnetal and animal fantasties, different blends of styles, cultures and traditions from across the globe. Ethnic furniture recalls colours and intense flavours from the past, and in itself, carries a lot of secrets from the far away lands. This is brought about through its strong level of craftsmanship, originiality, and ability to recreate warm atmospheres in any type of environment, ranging from classic to ultra-modern. Discover all brands and the collections.

The ethnic style is a dream style of furniture which allows us to create unique environemnts within our home, reminding us of different countries and cultures. Those who embrace ethinic furnishings, understand how one ought to surround himself with different objects and furnishings that captures the traditins and values of their own culture. In the past, this style was only used by a few conouissers, however, nowadays, this style is becoming increasingly popular among todays consumers. This style exclusively uses raw materials for the composition of its furniture, and uses materials such a wood, teak, wicker, cane, bamboo and rattan, all the result of combining local traditions and design research. Houses that adopt this style, must understand the impoance of filling up all its space with meaning, memories, colours and emotions that have the capability of transforming an ordinary house into a wild one, bursting with life.

This setting reminds us of Eastern Europe, and conjures to minds exotic travel, and magical atmospheres, through its representation of circles filled with memories of an irresistable universe. Gruppo Inventa offers unique and exclusive pieces, all of which are carefully chosen and selected, whichcan be easily displayed amongst other furniture. Here, our products are made with warm materials, and are appealing to both our sight and smell. Decor within this style is derived from cultural traditions, spirtituality,and nature, all which convey positive feelings which are timeless. One can easily distinguish an ethnic surrounding from other styles, due to the fact that this style tells us a story of the past, bringing about particular sensations and intimacy which gives rise to positive emotions and spirituality. The beauty of this collection is reflected in its ability to be closely presented and displayed near other furnishing styles, while at the same time reflecting a special touch. Gruppo Inventa’s Ethnic range of furnishings enbles all clients to find their own taste and balance. What we offer is not simply ethnic furnishings and decor or your home, but we also offer you a spiritual journey through different cultures which are distant from your present situation.