This housing style is synonomous with simplicity, and its success lies within the values of warmth and hospitality. This rustic style of furniture, reminds customers of those houses within the United States,Canada, England and Scotland, where furniture is mainly made out of natural materials, such as raw wood, and are painted with a “crack paint” effect. Whether its the classical English cottage style or the charming French model, this style is a romantic way ofliving, which combines past emotions of rustic famers, with the needs of a modern home. Discover all brands and the collections.

When talking about “Country” furnishing style, one is talking about a particular style that through its harmonic overtones, convenys feelings of peace and familiarity, which is enhanced by the use of warm colours, solid wood, wrought iron, fabric, scents and floral decorations. This type of furnishing is created prior to the needs and functionality, and it is the outer appearance that is first created. The country style aims at impressing customers with simple things, taking us back to the a natural way of life, while at the same time, alleviaing the frenzy of everday life. Whether its the Provencal, English, or classic style that you prefer, Gruppo Inventa presents products based on their practicality. Here, wood is used as the furniture’s natural material, where simple lines lacqueres with special paints (once milk-based) is used to give the furniture colourul characteristics and protecting them from wear and tear over time.

The Country stle, brings to mind warmth, simplicity of the past, refined decorations,blooming fields and open spaces, all of which evoke a rustic type of atmosphere, which is typical to that of the countryside.This is the style for those individuals who feel in tune with the past, and rhytms of nature. Gruppo Inventa offers custom design to all its clients, allowing you to create a design that is synonomous with our needs, yet original at the same time. Gruppo Inventa offers customers such a style, where harmony, utility, practicality and simplicity and merged together, making the environment an extension of one’s self image, because the charm and beauty of nature is found within.