This style, is the meeting point between tradition and innovation, and symbolises a universal point of view in terms of decor. Here one may come across retro lines combined with a modern twist, all inspired from our classical style,as well as timeless forms and contemporary materialsplaced within a modern environement. A contemporary house is one that exist within the present, but is closely attached to the past through the combination of essentality and redunandcy, giving rise to the balance of shapes, textures, soft colours, bright shades, and original accessories brought about from retro or urban chic styles, all in order to create a new way of living. Discover all brands and the collections.

A furniture’s particular style is determined by its highly recognizable features, including elements related to the interior decor of an environement. The contemproray style is easily distinguished from other styles, due to its polychromatic finishes ( white to black finishes), its simplicity and cleanliness, which is inspired by all geometric forms. Here, the decor is typical to that of the classic style, however it is excluded in order to inspire you to create a simple yet striking design. Contemproray decor explores new frontiers of design, via cutting edge solutions (all being ergonomic and exclusive), and a high level of material innovation. The material used is that of raw forest wood, which is carefully selected on the basis of its quality and sustainability, making it a material that is vital to nature and significance. The objectives at Gruppo Inventa are to provide customers with furniture designs that are easy to use and handle, comfortable, and reflect aesthetic beauty.

The contemproray style takes advatage of living space in two ways. Firstly it is vital to know that this style typically favours spaces of the great outdoors, where the environments meet in a unique way and are divided both visually and physically. Moreover, this style has the advantage that it may organize spaces more easily, due to its furniture being tranformable, multifunctional and space saving. All in all, it is important to note that in both the above cases, the contemproray style allows individuals to display furniture in a space saving manner. The furniture within this style is therefore practical, functional, easy to clean, and made out of innovative materials (such as Silestone and Corian), and have surfaces which are lacquered, glossy, matt, sil- screened, or even made out of steel. When it comes  design, it is important to create a feeling of harmony in order to balance out the visual weight of the objects. This balance is not only created through form, but also via colour, texture and pattern. Guppo Inventa manages to create an environemnt that contains elements of contemproray furniture, while at the same time giving it a new sense of time and space. This creates an environment that reflects harmony, inner well being and comort, all within a living space that is your own!