When speaking of a “Colonial Style”, one refers to a style that is classical yet versatile, and made up of a combination of different trends (eg. country houses of the Pilgrim Fathers in North America, distant East Indies), which create functional, pleasing environments. A colonial house s one that is rich in history, and is the result of the combination of furniture trends that come from different countries, ranging from classical forms displaying certain exoticism, to neutral earthy shades, such as beige,clay, sage green,sand, rust and brown. Furnishing your home with this style, helps give your enviroment a chic , welcoming touch. Discover all brands and the collections.

The origins of this style lie upon the arrival of the European settlers in North America. At this moment in time, the frniture of the European settlers was damaged as a result of their journey, and had to be replaced with wood found in North America. The main features of this style focuses on convenience and a pronounced rustic timber process. This type of decor is also closely linked to the ethic style and evolved from the influence that the Eurpoean furniture trends had across other parts of the world, and thus, this style is highly recognized for its elegance and neoclassical design from Western Europe. In the original conception of its farmhouse, Gruppo Inventa invisions a return to the simple things in life that embrace practicality, bringing to mind the functional use of the object Here, the most common decorations include shaped edges and bronze decor, while the most common materials found within this style is that of woods, oak, cherry and mahogeny. One may notice the colour scheme of this particular style is earthy colours and pure white, found within the hue of green, brown and blue.

One may distinguishthe colonional Anglo-American style, due to its particular characteristics. These include its raw material being solid wood (oak,walnut,maple and mahogany),and  its rustic yet refined look which is a result of its linins, form and colours. Here, functionality is seen to be more important than the exterior look of the funriture. The Eastern and American style of furniture have factors in common, such as the classical lines which are evidant in the design, as well as the addition of new feaures to the European elegant furniture: the materia used (bamboo, elm, teak, batik and rosewood) in order to create an exotic affect, while bringing to mind past suggestions. The Eatsern influences, make the furniture appear to be more harmonius, pleasent and somewhat gentle. In this case, the functionality of the furniture is dependant on both order and essentiality. By choosing the Colonial style to decorate your home, you are creating an environment which is elegant and exotic at the same time, which dates back to the past, far away cultures, and a different way of life. Gruppo Inventa is able to offer you expert advice, exceptional talent, and sourceful knowledge when it comes to choosing the Colonial style.