Target Point was born in 1996 from an idea of its three founders: its aim was to specialize in the production and in the commercialization of furniture complements to make special the Italian home. In the beginning the production concerned only coffee tables; later, when the company name inserted in the market, Target Point collection was increased with wrought-iron beds, tables, chairs and upholstered beds, that definitively have consecrated this brand as a made in Italy excellence.
The constant research of improvement, the design care, the use of selected and tested materials and the trusty of the service are the base elements that make Target Point a datum point in the furniture and interior design sector in all the national and international territory.
In this year Target Point has put customers in the middle, obtaining important results, thanks to the quality of products, to the punctual deliveries and to the team force. Target Point continues to seek the purpose to offer collections in line with the requests of a market in a continue evolution and to reinforce the synergy with its customers, to consolidate the force of a team, designed for victory. For years Gruppo Inventa has been a seller of this modern and contemporary brand, characterized by an unique design line.

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