Scab Design was born in 1957 from a great capacity of creation and attention to detail inherited from a long tradition make the company a symbol of Italian production. From the beginning, Scab Design has made extraordinary objects, which take shape from the principles of beauty and functionality. Today, the company represents quality and style for home design and for the indoor and outdoor contract sector, succeeding with a unique touch, to transform the ideal into the material.
Scab Design has an eco-sustainable soul. In fact, its products are perfectly recyclable because their individual components can quickly be sorted for disposal. Moreover every plastic element has the identification mark according to ISO11469:2001, and provides easy directions for recycling. All the SCAB production is made with 100% recyclable materials.
The qualities of responsibility and environmental sustainability in industrial production are a green hope for the future of all of us. The eco-friendly spirit continues throughout the productive supply chain, with special attention to a dynamic, efficient and waste-free system of distribution.

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