SILWOOD group operates in the furniture industry and especially produces bedrooms and living rooms.
For several years on the furniture market, we are known in Italy and abroad for our high professionalism and for the quality of our products and services.
Our strength is the ability to offer a wide range of products thanks to the technologically advanced industrial complex where we produce directly from raw materials with enormous advantages in terms of quality control, cost and functionality, covering all the needs of the consumer as regards to style , budget, logistics and efficiency.
Our constant effort is the continuous technological research of production and design in order to be always at the forefront, competitive and able to respond adequately to the demands of a market, both nationally and internationally, more and more demanding, increasing models, improving finishes and materials with competence and professionalism always keeping clear the “philosophy of living” that countersigns us: taste, hospitality, respect and innovation.
The right choice of materials together with the skillful use of new technologies in the respect for the environment, the attention to detail keeping up with trends in the field of architecture and design, allow us to satisfy not only the end consumer needs, but also, and this is our primary goal, to grow for a steady and continuous improvement of all business processes on the issues of quality, service, organization and optimization of the production stages with tenacity and determination.

Producing and selling home furnishings that will be part of everyday life in a style of fresh and welcoming life, providing a solution with the best quality / price ratio, are the basis of our professionalism and expertise and the main corporate values ​​shared by the entire team working in Silwood.

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