Euro3plast is a company oriented to the future, its core business is the production of modern plastic vases and flower boxes for indoor and outdoor with a unique design. The company’s roots go down until 1974, when Euro3plast began to write its history with the production of flowerpot, box saucers made of plastic and household products, all products are made and commercialized by the company at the beginning of its history. In 1983 there was an important turning point for Euro3plast: the company chose to complete its offer with the production of vases, boxes and flowerboxes; first moulds were are ordered for the production line dedicated to this new products, with the purpose to succeed in the field of garden furniture. In 1992, a new technology development, especially injection method and stamp technology, supported traditional methods of the rotational production.
Thanks to this new technology, Euro3plast diversified vases and the shape and size of garden products, meeting to tastes of a market in a continue evolution. At the beginning of the new millennium, the company attained the web, with the presentation of its new website to show products and collections on the internet and to be active in an international level. Euro3plast is in a continue expanding, after the inauguration of the new headquarter in 2004, where the factory, the showroom and the offices are located. Today the company takes on the new challenge to renovate the corporate image and its communication tools to transmit quality, technology, innovation, material research, reliability and service that are the base of the company. Euro3plast is more and more green, renovating its commitment for the environment with “Origini” collection, the biodegradable vases line, produced in respect of nature.
Euro3plast’s products characteristic are:

• STRENGHT: the plastic quality guarantees an unique strength to Euro3plast products.

• LIGHTNESS: plastic vases have a big advantage as compared with other material vases: they are extremely lightweight.

• COLOUR: your favorite color tells about your personality and your style. The plastic choice permits forty color tones.

• VERSATILITY: plastic is a ductile material and completely recyclable

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