Bruno Piombini has been existing for over 84 years, and has a diverse product portfolio. Bruno Piombini understands the importance of product functionality and efficiency, and ensures the production of high quality products that are sold at competitive prices. You may view our products in stock.
Bruno Piombini has always managed to differentiate itself from other brands through its high level of innovation and creativity. Since 1945 this brand has been designing and decorating houses, shops, restaurants and public places. Moreover, over the years, it has partenered uwith several top designers, using grand elements and quality to create their furniture. This brand is a market leader in the industry of classical furniture, where its flagship department is that of its classical style of furniture. Different forms of furniture may be designed at the same time in order to enhance and fit your lifestyle. The brand’s stronpoint comes from past Italian traditions of strong cabinet production in Verona, where the material quality, product detail and craftsmanship were vital for company success. At Gruppo Inventa, focusing on quality means offering our clients, unique, exclusive and innovative creations which are produced from upmarket brands. You can now view our range of products that are available and in stock.
Through careful research in design and materials, Piombini has successfully managed to create professional furniture for shops, public places and restaurants. Their various projects are completed with the finest artesian techniques made by hand, together with highly quality finishes and high quality wood. The material used is that of solid wood, which evokes the strong scents and sensations of nature and its greenery. The different stylistic trends are sought after by designers, and they are shown to be rsatile and varied according to the type of environment that will be furnished. This allows the company to create modern designs and combining them with the intimate warmth that only classical furniture may provide. Real wood, comfort, elegance and sleek design are the only elements needed in order to create cosy hotel room, outsanding reception areas/desk, and professional wall panels. Gruppo Inventa is a benchmark for top quality design solutions when it comes to private houses, offices, government agencies and touristic facilities. You may view our products that are ready to be delivered.

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