Alberta Salotti brings together several aspects of design in order to satisfy the demands of its quality seeking clientele. These elements include manufacturer capability, design uniqueness, timely services, and aesthetic beauty, reusulting in the creation of a strong quality brand. For over 30 years, Alberta Salotti has been guaranteeing top quality in the design of sofas and armchairs by focusing on traditional craft heritage, and showing a great aptitude towards design and creativity.

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Alberta is now competing in the design industry, offering several upholetered furniture for the home (e.g. leather sofas, convertable beds and armchairs). Their collection focus on a design that is classical, modern and innovative all at the same time, and is constant learning and taking advantage of the latest trends within the industry. Many a time, the company takes part in several important collaborations with top institutions in the design industry (e.g. Labratory of Design IUAV Venice). Alberto mainly exports to Europe, and has currently developed a network of distributors, that transport its products to around 1000 areas in Italy. Together with this collection, Gruppo Inventa offers original solutions that are highly practical, of top quality, and are aesthetically pleasing. Have a look at our latest collection of products.
After having years of experience in designing sofas for the house, Alberta decided to target a different and more challenging market. his meant that Alberta had to come up with highly innovative capabilities, focus on cutting edge designs, using premium materials, and developing highly finished products. This all had to be done while focusing on producing furniture with excellent quality and aesthetics, while complying to ethics with regards to the environment.

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