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A symbol of balance and tranquility, the use of greenery in interiors instills a feeling of well-being.

What colors to pair with green to create welcoming and harmonious spaces in a home?

Whether you choose soft or bolder combinations, green can give home spaces freshness and charm. Opting for green, from emerald to sage, represents in a way a timeless choice, although in recent years this color is experiencing a moment of particular favor in interior decoration projects: from paints to furniture, from tiles to


there are plenty of possibilities for incorporating impressive touches of green.

Are there any types of green that are currently favored in interior design? It can be said that in the wide range of shades there are none that are excluded, although undoubtedly some seem to enjoy greater popularity, for example, sage green, forest green, and petrol green.

Green looks good with … white or cream, beige, brown, blue, black, other shades of green

Green contrasts well with…yellow, pink, orange, gold or brass


The art of matching one hue to other colors requires creativity and intuition, but our designs can be a valuable aid or be a source of inspiration for the boldest yet harmonious combinations.

It may seem that green looks good with just about everything, but doubts about pairings can arise especially when there are more than two colors to go with it.

Moreover, the greatest difficulty lies in “dosing” them: generally a good balance can be derived from proportions that should not exceed 60/65% for main color, 25/30% for secondary color, and maximum 10% for contrasting touches.